First step towards the opening of the 2022 World Cup

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The fans сouldn’t wait for this event anymore – finally, in the first month of 2022, the start of accepting applications for entrance passes for the Football World Cup in Qatar was announced. Ticket prices and possible categories have become known.

Primary sale at the beginning of the year

On January 19, the first stage was officially opened, in which fans, bettors and everyone can apply for their desired entrance passes to international football competitions in Qatar. The first stage will last right up to the first week of February. Of course, the number of places at the Football Championship venues is not unlimited. The organizers have announced that if the amount of applications exceeds the number of available places for a particular football event, then a random draw for applications will be drawn when everyone is on a level playing field, no matter what day you apply. Until the first half of March, they promise to notify everyone about the status of their applications.

Special offers for Qataris

Throughout the almost 90-year history of football championships, there has always been a single rule in the permissions
policy – FIFA has always provided a possibility for residents of the host area to buy entrance passes for matches at special prices. There is a separate category of permissions – category 4, which includes a certain number of entrance passes that could be purchased by residents of Qatar in 2022 at a special price – this year this price starts from 40 rials.

Categories of tickets available for applications

As we already said, at the beginning of the year it was announced that, along with the start of accepting applications, the categories of passes for the Qatar Championship would be known. After the end of the initial acceptance of applications at the first stage, the stage of sale by random draw will begin. At this stage, the following categories of football entrance passes will be available:

  • Tickets for a single football match (any game).
  • Permissions for a match of a certain national team.
  • Ticket set for events in 4 football stadiums (new in 2022 – 4 days and 4 various sports areas).
  • Tickets for people with disabilities (all facilities have special places for people with disabilities).

Special ticket offers for bettors

Bettors are a separate category of people for whom it is important to watch the match from special places. A lot of bettors like to bet in real time, and for this they need to see everything that happens on the field in order to make a correct prediction. For this opportunity, bettors are often ready to overpay a lot, because winnings can be many times more at stake. Thus, FIFA came up with a special category of entrance passes for betting enthusiasts (both pre-match and live bets). These entrance passes could be purchased online on a first-come, first-served basis.