The largest and most expensive football project in 2022

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By right, the World Cup in Qatar can be called not only the most expensive this year, but also the most expensive in the history of all football. It is almost impossible to repeat the construction of this size in a short time. Qatar succeeded.

Qatar’s unreal financial costs

Every two weeks, about one million dollars is spent from the country’s budget to prepare for international football competitions. Moreover, these are not magic numbers, but real amounts that are officially declared by the government of Qatar. As of the beginning of 2022, it could be concluded from official data that the total amount of funds spent on preparations for the event has already exceeded $250 billion. A fascinating fact is that this is not yet the final amount and it is already almost twenty times more than the amount that Russia spent on the preparation of the last Championship in 2018.

Where are the allocated huge sums going?

Everyone talks a lot about the unrealistic scale of the construction of eight new stadiums. These new football buildings were designed with the country’s weather conditions in mind. Due to the abnormal heat (because of which the Championship was postponed to winter dates), it was decided to build in Qatar indoor stadiums with a condensed cooling system for a comfortable game of football players and pastime for fans.

But money is spent not only on football stadiums. Huge sums of money go to the construction of infrastructure: new roads, rail links, the improvement of hospitals, shopping centers and entire cities.

Estimating the cost of only football facilities, the Championship may not be the most expensive in history. But the total amount of money spent on preparations for this international event cannot be equal.

Incredible football betting volume is astonishing

The most popular sport for bettors is football. Accordingly, such a big event in this world as the Football Championship is in great demand among betting lovers.
At this stage, at the beginning of 2022, when there is a little less than a year before the start of the Championship, bookmakers have already managed to accept a huge number of bets on the final matches of the Championship. Such a large demand is due to very high odds and quotes from bookmakers due to the time left before the start.

Most of all bets were made on the common favorite, which is the national team of Brazil, which already has five titles. A sufficient number of bets have also been concluded in favor of the French national team. The biggest risk of such bets is that a lot of things can change over such a long time, and the amount of the bet will simply burn out if your decision changes.